300 Posts & Counting… My LinkedIn Journey!

When I first started posting on LinkedIn, I was anxious.

What would I write about? How could I make an impact? Would people read what I share?

Shrugging off all the thoughts, I went ahead and published my first post. And then the second one. And the third.

I started to get a hang of things as the days went by. Amidst everything, here’s what I learnt:

  • Take that step that you are hesitant about.
  • Trust that you’d figure it out along the way!
  • Be patient. And persistent.


People! You can’t know it all when you start. I too didn’t know how things worked. I didn’t know what I’d post the next week. I didn’t know what would work or what won’t. I didn’t even know if anyone would engage on my posts or not.

But, I posted. And kept posting. And engaging.

I tried to provide something that would add value, help others. I posted my experiences and knowledge – something that I was looking for when I started.


I didn’t learn it anywhere. I also didn’t know the how and why and when.

I read. I imbibed. I did.

Now, it has been more than a year on LinkedIn. And I’ve made more than 300 posts! Been a long journey, but hey! It’s still the start 🙂




So, just let go of everything. Don’t overthink. Write. And hit that POST button!

Give yourself a chance and just go for it!

Try …

Read. Write. Read Some More.

Writers, are you reading? Like really reading?

And by reading, I do not mean passively reading a novel or a news piece or a review or something.

What I mean is…

Reading actively. Intently.

Studying it.

Absorbing it.

Revising it.


All writers read. Yeah.

But the secret lies in analyzing what you read. See how the words flow, how the sentences form, what adjectives are used, the headings, the endings.

Ask Why…

Whenever you feel super-motivated by reading something, give it some more time and study it.

What did that write-up had which you felt so strongly?
How did the words connect so deep?
What did you love the most in the writing style?
Or that you could actually sense the writer speaking those words?

What was it?

Find it. Absorb it.


So, the next time you sit to write something, revise all the emotions and observations inside your head, and then start.

Find that connect. Feel it.

And then start writing.


You know you gotta change something. But, the question is: HOW to bring about that change?

Be it lifestyle, job, or even venturing into freelancing … Bringing any ‘actual’ change requires just two things:

1. Consciousness
2. Acceptance

YOU need to make that change. No other person can do that for you or make you aware. It is just you. And it is for yourself…

Now, suppose you need to make a change towards adopting a healthier lifestyle… So for that, here’s a question checklist you can use to gauge the progress:

  • Are you conscious that you need that change?
    (Think about it deep! You’ll find your answer.)
  • Do you accept that your choices have been bad?
    (Weigh in every action, every choice.)
  • Are you ready to do anything to make that change?
    (Like anything that challenges you, frightens you?)


There you go. You just took the first step towards making that change possible.


Understand this!

The only one who is holding you back is… you yourself!

  • Your progress.
  • That high paying client you always wanted.
  • That opportunity you were always searching.
  • That unsent pitch you were always planning.

Look within what you are lacking.

Be conscious.

Bring acceptance.

To bring that change.




And don’t forget to be You cool, authentic self 🙂

Accept who you are and then work towards who you wanna be!

(Just like the cool, chill pineapple in the image!)

Be a pineapple: Cool-and-chill!